We love our children. Somehow we were missing some practical things, such as a practical changing table that is stable and also offers space, an organizer that helps to have everything in one place, the Tonie house or washbasins, where our children like to wash their hands and faces. That’s why we designed and built these things ourselves. We don’t just want to keep these great ideas to ourselves, we want to pass them on! That’s why there is isenberg® bambini, with loads of cool ideas for kids and their parents.

Tonie houses

There has to be order – and that is not always easy to achieve in a children’s room. It is good if there is at least one place for everything so that the children’s room floor does not become a trip hazard. Our Tonie House has space for many Tonies and the Toniebox, which is placed directly on the charging station. Our Tonie House creates floor space and clarity. It is also practical because the Tonies are securely held in place by magnetic strips that are mounted directly on the house. The Tonie House is available in many colors and it is handcrafted from beech wood.

isenberg Toni Haus für die Musikbox


By using the solid surface material VARICOR, there are hardly any limits to the design of your dream washbasin. But we can’t just make custom-made products to make dreams come true; many standard products in the form of sinks, tables and basins can be realized. The good thing about it: Ensembles are also possible. These are multiple systems that can be used seamlessly. The result is wet rooms with minimal effort; designed to be functional, easy to care for and wear resistant.

Changing table

We are a little proud of our changing table from the isenberg® bambini series. A small staircase leads to the changing table, which can be climbed playfully. The deep washbasin also allows toddlers to bathe and is practically mounted next to the changing mat. A surrounding rim protects the child from falling off the changing table in a moment of inattention. Lots of drawers and plenty of storage space allow the changing table to be used in a functional and practical way.

Toothbrush strip

Kindergartens, schools and even the family bathroom are the ideal home for our toothbrush strips, which we produce from the solid surface material VARICOR. VARICOR is a mineral material with a stable surface structure, which is particularly suitable for areas of application where hygiene and food compatibility are important. VARICOR® can be produced in many different colors and decors. Our basic program is the foundation of many individual and custom-made facilities.


Our wardrobe for kindergartens, schools and large families can put away a lot. It is extremely stable, has practical shelves, a bench, practical swivel hooks and is made of the material we love – wood. Of course, we adapt our wardrobes to the necessities and can plan them individually according to customer requirements.

Stacking bench

Angular, practical and good – our stacking bench. Stable built to sit on and put things down, suitable as a goods presenter, coffee table, flower bench, children’s painting table and so much more. The great thing about it: when the stacking benches are not needed, they can be stored in a compact and space-saving manner. The stacking bench is available in many wood tones and decors that can be individually adapted.