In large-scale retail establishments, the topic of “shop-in-shop” is being given increasing attention. The aim of such a presentation is to stand out from its surroundings through the type of presentation. This makes the appearance of your own company more diverse. The increasing trend towards adventure retailing is also giving the idea of ​​the “shop-in-shop” new impulses.

What should be achieved with the “shop-in-shop” approach?

Firstly, this is intended to differentiate your own product from the existing store environment and thus penetrate the brand. Second, the shop-in-shop system can actively support the seller in his sales activities through a sensibly arranged PRESENTATION OF GOODS.

For example, when presenting large-area products such as floor coverings or doors, it is not enough to present a single product prominently. The customer would like to be able to look at and touch different designs. The presentation must therefore be designed in such a way that the product variants can be accommodated as space-saving as possible. At the same time, they must be easy to use. We support you in the individual development and / or the implementation of a corresponding shop-in-shop concept.


We use the various techniques of product presentation. This includes display stands and DISPLAY SYSTEMS as well as a wide variety of shelves and product carriers in every imaginable size and appearance. For example brochure stands, advertising displays and figures, trolleys, showcases, counter displays and desks or sales towers.
The appropriate use of these means creates buying impulses that can be satisfied immediately.

The choice of material also influences the way the goods are presented. You can opt for warm materials such as wood or choose between variants made of synthetic materials, metal, aluminum and glass.

The effect of these materials is supported by the targeted use of lighting. It creates accents in the room, generates moods and can particularly emphasize individual products. The type of presentation also depends on the product itself: clothes require a different shop-in-shop solution than building materials, toys, perfume or food.

If you have several shops or if your shop is part of a chain of stores, it is advisable to design each one individually, because that too attracts more attention from customers.