a division of Wulf Isenberg GmbH & Co. KG.

Innovation and tradition – do they fit together?
We say yes!

The name isenberg® has stood for innovative craftsmanship with quality and tradition for more than 260 years. Founded as a classic joinery, the company never stood still. Continuous further development took place in line with time and market demand. As a result, in addition to the continuation of the classic joinery, the establishment of new business areas such as the manufacture of bakery equipment, shop fitting and interior fittings and finally the specialization and focus on goods presentation systems. It is important to us to continue following this innovative tradition, and we are aware that only well-trained and qualified employees, for whom we offer a family-friendly working environment, can make this possible.

Today the company is run in the 9th generation as Wulf Isenberg GmbH & Co. KG by Michael Porst and Tobias Rausch. The new generation of entrepreneurs is proud to be able to continue this story of success. Michael Porst was named “Model Entrepreneur of the Year 2013”. The regional alliance “Work and Family Waldeck-Frankenberg” has also recognized Wulf Isenberg GmbH & Co. KG as a particularly family-friendly company.

Order execution “without ifs or buts”

Another important success factor, in addition to motivated and qualified employees, are optimal working and production conditions. A modern machine park and the software-based process control make the company a powerful partner in all areas of product presentation.
In this way, projects are developed individually with the customer and completed on time “without ifs or buts”. Even short-term inquiries can be realized by isenberg® through the use of special development software and state-of-the-art production methods. isenberg® product presentation is characterized by creativity, flexibility, reliability and personal advice.

On our website we would like to show you a selection of the most diverse product presentations that are developed, designed and produced in-house by isenberg®.
Our product presentations are as individual as you are – request a quote today. We are pleased to make you an offer!

Take a look at our image brochure HERE or watch a video clip from our video gallery:

The future in focus!

As a modern craft business with tradition, we attach great importance to well-trained and qualified employees, a family-friendly working environment and innovative products and work processes. We are a recognized training company for craft training. In addition, the compatibility of work and family is of great importance to our company.
For this reason, we have joined the company network “Success Factor Family” and the “Alliance Work and Family Waldeck-Frankenberg” and on April 25, 2012, we were awarded first place as a family-friendly company by the “regional alliance Work and Family Waldeck-Frankenberg”.