Made in Germany

isenberg® - Quality Since 1750

Made in Germany

isenberg® - Quality since 1750

Product presentation
Successful product presentation is the key to the customer. We develop displays according to your ideas and manufacture them in our own production facility with the highest precision and quality.

Product presentation

We help out when things get tight and manufacture components and furniture for joineries, from individual pieces to series.


Property construction
Large quantities, precise production and the highest adherence to deadlines characterize our property construction. In close cooperation with the customer, our planning team also realizes the most unusual requests for hotels, doctor´s offices, clinics, public property developers and more!

Property construction

With the solid surface material VARICOR®, surfaces of all kinds can be realized in almost any desired color and shape with unparalleled quality - as a series product or one-off, in public or private buildings, especially in wet areas.


Lintel and tilting boxes, pretzel and baking shooters, shooting bars and bread cart grates are only a small part of our extensive range of bakery equipment that has been used in Germany's bakeries for decades - we deliver directly! Ask them.


Bakery equipment from ISENBERG®

Back shooters and shooting bars – anyone who thinks of shooting festivals is wrong! Rather, we have been delivering bakery equipment of the highest quality throughout Germany and beyond for decades. Many of our bakery devices do their job reliably in thousands of bakeries. We manufacture our fermentation trays, pretzel and baking shooters, trough and / or tilting boxes in various designs. Our lintel boxes, with practical ventilation holes and milled handles, are now, like the entire range of bakery equipment, available directly from the factory.

In addition, with the Isenberg Rollholz, we have designed an absolute classic in four different sizes, which even has its own online shop and is also extremely popular on Amazon.


isenberg® develops a holistic concept for the PRESENTATION of GOODS in close cooperation with you. With our support, you can sell your articles in a targeted manner. Because products and prices are becoming more and more the same and the customer base is becoming more and more critical, you can only optimize your success these days with creative design of your business and eye-catching POS advertising. What special services can you expect from us? Make your point of sale attractive and seductive for your customers with our tailor-made presentation systems! For example, do you market textiles, porcelain or lighting? With our innovative concepts for the PRESENTATION OF GOODS IN THE TEXTILE SECTOR and for many other product groups, you can present your offers in an appealing way, ready to hand and ready to buy. We design and produce Sales-Displays.


Many small, highly qualified joineries have inquiries that they would like to accept but have to decline due to insufficient production capacities. Often, a modern CNC woodworking machine in small companies does not achieve enough capacity to be operated economically. In such cases, we are able to step in thanks to our modern CNC machine equipment. Since we have traditional craft roots and our employees are passionate about woodworking, we understand the inquiries made to us and in most cases can flexibly and quickly step in as an “external” production facility when realizing interesting orders. We are contract manufacturers for joiners, shopfitters and furniture builders and we do that with heart and mind, from individual items to series production.

Property construction

Made-to-measure quality! With state-of-the-art machines, competent employees and optimized processes, isenberg® is the competent contact for your projects in the field of shop fitting, hotel and doctor´s office equipment, as well as public buildings. Perfection in dealing with wood and mineral materials creates freedom of design for planners and architects.
We create working environments and living spaces, on schedule and of high quality. The isenberg® planning team supports our customers in the implementation from planning to on-site assembly. We attach great importance to sustainability in production and reliability in dealing with our clients!

VARICOR® Mineral material

Varicor® solid surface materials give us even more opportunities to meet even the most unusual customer requests. The mineral material from Varicor can be brought into almost any shape, is heat-resistant, impact-resistant and resistant to disinfectants. The possible uses are diverse. Antibacterial surfaces, which are easy to clean, are ideal for laboratory and practice equipment. Public buildings, kindergartens and day-care centers are also ideal areas for this material, which can be produced in almost all colors and shapes.


We love what we do! The processing of wood fascinates us day by day so that dedication and love drive us to give the best. We are more than enthusiastic about the possibilities that using the solid surface material VARICOR gives us. It gives us the possibility to create new shapes with special material properties and allows us to fulfill even unusual wishes placed by our customers. The long tradition of our company is the grounding that we need in order to be aware of the responsibility of our actions and the sustainability of our work on a daily basis. For our daily being the „how“ is decisive, not the „maybe“. That means in our our everyday work we ask ourselves „how“ to achieve a goal, not weather it „maybe“ could work. Our customers and partners appreciate this, because our daily actions are driven by the desire to develop ideal, individual problem solutions an that is precisely the reason why we are constantly expanding our portfolio.

The Isenberg Group has emerged from the classic joinery, which can look back on a history spanning more than 260 years, successfully serving both the B2B and B2C sectors in the „Isenberg world“.

A cornerstone for this is the technical know-how of our employees, the willingness to adapt to new production conditions, the unconditional will to get to know and process new materials and to keep pace with technical innovations. By using special software and the most modern machines, we produce at the highest level with maximum quality standards, on time and with a fair price-performance ratio.

isenberg® has long been known for the manufacture of sophisticated trade fair displays and object-related display systems. In addition, we develop and produce marketing displays and presentation systems for our customers, and equip and assemble these on request and send them directly into the stores.

Our individual DISPLAY SYSTEMS made from high-quality materials guarantee that our clients are always the focus of attention at trade fairs or with their shop. The unique design proves to be an eye-catcher and is functional and practical at the same time. If simple WOODEN SALES SHELVES or individual displays for the PRESENTATION OF GOODS do not meet the requirements of our customers, we develop and manufacture individual SHOP-IN-SHOP SYSTEMS and create worlds of experience. The creative shop-in-shop options are virtually predestined as POS systems. To create customer-friendly and sales-optimized POS systems, target-group-specific and product-oriented is the demand placed on us, which we implement with our own development department.

Since we want to continue improving what is good, we invest in keeping our machine park up to date. We were able to use the capacities freed up through process optimization for our contract manufacturing. isenberg® offers joineries the contract manufacturing of single and series productions. We support our business partners from planning and development to production and distribution. Despite industrial production processes, we still offer 100% best craftsmanship and know what is important. The passion for our material, with the desire to deliver the best result, determines our way of working. Friendly, professionally qualified and customer-related advice, a fair pricing policy, high flexibility and tailor-made quality are attributes that we stand for.

We react quickly to changing market requirements through process optimization. We benefit from this in the production of property. Due to the experience from the craft, paired with industrially optimized process flows, we are able to equip complete properties for hotels, offices and retail.


As a VARICOR top processor, we produce and equip furniture made of mineral materials in almost any desired shape. The solid surface material VARICOR is robust, easy to work with and is used in building construction as well as in the medical sector such as laboratories, doctor’s offices, clinics and also kindergartens and day-care centers. The use of the mineral material VARICOR is particularly useful in areas and times in which hygiene requires great attention.

By working with VARICOR, we were able to integrate a further range of services into the Isenberg Group.

Despite many institutional customers and industrial production methods, we manufacture products for the consumer, because this is how our passion for wood and the products that can be made from it began. The manufacture of bakery equipment has always been an important part of our work and has brought us customers far beyond the borders of Germany. Many bakeries appreciate the long-lasting quality of our worktops, bread trolley grills, baking grills, baking racks, tipping boards, transport grills, pretzel trays, trough trays, resting boards, baking sliders, slide rods, hand-held sliders, rolling pins and Co. Now we are also pleased to be able to offer high-quality and visually appealing products from the Isenberg world directly to the consumer. From the field of bakery equipment, isenberg® rolling pin has established itself as a high-quality branded product in quality-conscious households and is requested by many consumers directly via our Amazon brand shop. The isenberg® chopping board is a real board among chopping boards and therefore causes great enthusiasm among its buyers. We also manufacture the extra-long isenberg® grill tongs, for us the longest grill tongs in the world, which ensure that no hair is bent when turning the steak on the hot grill and spoils the taste. Other solid beech wood classics are the isenberg® pizza and tarte flambée boards, which you can no longer do without as soon as you have come to know and appreciate them.

In keeping with tradition, we attach great importance to high quality and durability for all products. We are constantly driven in our work in the passion of creating innovative ideas, using the latest techniques, not standing still and constantly developing ourselves for our customers. For this reason, we became what we are – The Isenberg Group!


With our first-class service, we justify the trust of our regular customers and meet the expectations of potential new customers who are interested in individual presentation shelves and POS displays.
Whether display stands or display walls, SYSTEM SHELVES made of synthetic substance or shelving systems made of wood, you can always rely on our skills.

isenberg Made in Germany

As a customer-oriented DISPLAY MANUFACTURER, we design and sample your presentation display according to your wishes and equip your shop with a sales-promoting shop interior. On the sub-pages of our website you will find detailed information about the various services your partner for product presentation offers. You can get an idea of ​​us with the videos in the “About us” section.
Contact us directly if you would like to use our services!